UAN Number Benefits, Features and Registration at UAN Unified Portal

By | June 8, 2017

UAN Number Registration

UAN stands for Universal Account Number. In this Post, We are going to Guide you about UAN Registration Process and UAN Features and Benefits. Universal Account Number (UAN) is the12 digit Unique number given to every member of the EPF (Employee Provident Fund). UAN Number helps Each EPF Member to Handle all his/her EPF Account easily. If any Employee changes job more than 1 time then he/she will get New PF account every time while changing the job.

The EPFO UAN Number will act as an identity for an employee till their retirement. To generate a UAN number, an employee needs to be registered with EPFO services and should contribute to the Employee Provident Fund Account. UAN Number is Generated and allotted by Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India.

The main Purpose of UAN is to aid the centralization of employee facts and decreasing the dependency of Employee Providenorganizationisation on employers for the cause of Employee verification.The UAN will likewise help EPFO in following the Organization changes of each worker. when individual changes his job, he/she should give the UAN number to his manager to interface the new PF account. Thusly, EPFO will have refreshed data on where a man is utilized whenever.

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UAN Number Registration

Anyone who contributes to EPF account is eligible for getting a UAN Number. The UAN number will be given to you by your employer and provided in your monthly payslip. Otherwise, you can contact your employer to get your UAN. The EPFO will send your UAN to your employer. If you don’t get you from your employer, you can follow the given steps:

  • Visit the following UAN Official Portal link or type
  • Select your state and office.
  • Then in next step Enter your EPF number and Establishment Code.

After submitting all these details, click on the “Check Status”. Immediately, it will show the status of your UAN. If it shows your “UAN is activated”, you can download UAN Card from UAN Unified Portal.

Universal Account Number Features

Here are some of the Best Features of UAN Number.

  • Connect All PF Account of Employee
    • With the Help of UAN Number, an Employee can connect all his/her PF Account in Single one without any Problem.
  • An Employee will get only one universal account number once in a lifetime.
  • An employee can transfer PF amount Online.
  • KYC documents can be uploaded online (scanned copies) provided these have been verified by the employer
  • Employees can withdraw their PF online by using the UAN.
  • Employees would be able to track if the company is depositing the PF every month or if the company is delaying the PF contribution just by registering on the UAN portal.
  • An Employee can also check their EPF Transfer Claim Status Online Directly at UAN Member Portal.
  • Using the UAN online member portal, employees instantly check his or her PF balance and check that whether his/her Employer is Regularly Deposit PF amount or not.
  • The UAN number is the identification number, which is independent of employers.
  • An employer can not blackmail you because of the EPF and UAN Number Facility. He would not be able to withhold the PF of any employee because he doesn’t have any control on Employees account.
  • If you want to withdraw your PF amount Simply Link your Aadhar card. You don’t need your Employers Signature.
  • An Employee can Update their Person Details Online.
  • You can Track your Current PF Balance Instantly and can Download UAN Passbook.
  • EPF Provides monthly SMS alert service when an Employer transfer your PF Amount in your Account.
  • Online PF Withdrawal Process become Fast and Easy using UAN.

Advantages of UAN Number

  • Hassle free transactions.
  • An employee can download UAN Passbook and UAN Card which contains Barcode and 12 digits UAN Number.
  • Fast PF Withdrawal without visiting any EPF Office.
  • All EPF account get Unified under one UAN number.
  • UAN is Unique Number for every Employee.
  • An employee can link other Government ID Proofs like PAN card details, Aadhar card, Driving Licence, Voter ID card, and Ration Card.
  • Link Email Address and Mobile Number for SMS alert.
  • UAN makes easy of Fund Transfer from Old to New Account.
  • No involvement of employers in PF withdrawal.

Know UAN at EPFO Portal

Initially, EPFO has entrusted employers to distribute the UAN to its employee. But, for some obvious reason, most of the employers did not tell UAN to its employees. Therefore, despite allotting UAN to few crore employees, only a few lakhs people registered at UAN portal. While UAN portal gives you the direct link to your PF account.

Now, EPFO gives you the facility to know your UAN online. Once you get the UAN, Employee has to Activate UAN Number it online. After the activation, you must upload KYC documents. This will be very beneficial in future.

How to activate your UAN Number?

Once an Employee will get UAN number then they have to activate UAN number through the EPFO web portal. Follow the steps given below to activate your UAN:

  • Visit the EPFO website and click on the “Activate your UAN” link.
  • It will navigate to the UAN activation page where you will be required to fill in your UAN number, mobile number, and Member ID.
  • On clicking the “Get Pin” option you will receive an activation PIN on the registered mobile number.
  • Feed the PIN number in the appropriate field and click submit.
  • In the Next step, generate your UAN login password and complete the process.