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By | June 29, 2017

Online EPF Transfer Process

On October 2, 2013, EPFo has Launched Online Transfer Claim Portal for All the Employer Who wants to transfer their EPF Account while Changing the Job or Old Organization. The Main Aim of OTCP is to make PF Account Transfer Easy and Fast. Before OTCP Employee has to fill up Few Forms and they Need to Submit the Form to their EPF Office. That was Offline Process to Transfer EPF Account. So, Government has Decided to make the Process Easy and Comfortable for all the Employee and Launched OTCP Portal which enables many Facility like Transfer EPF Account Online.

In this Guide, You will get to Know the Complete Process of Online Transfer Claim Portal to transfer EPF Account while Changing the Job.

The process to submit EPF Online Transfer Claim through OTCP

To file a transfer claim online, the member ID should be available in EPFO database and the employer should have registered the digital signatures of his authorized signatories with EPFO on the portal.
Please click on the Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP) under category “FOR
EMPLOYEES” on the Home page of EPFO website


The following options would appear on the screen:
(a) Check Eligibility for filing Online Transfer Claim
(b) Detailed Instructions (On clicking on the “Detailed Instructions”, following options would appear:
 Relevant guidelines
 Process flow for filing Online Transfer Claim
 Process flow for registration on Member Portal
It is advised to go through the guidelines and process flow before the activity).
(c) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Now Under the Services Option Select “OTCP” Tab, There is a link on the top to log-in to file Online Transfer Claim Application.

On clicking “Check Eligibility for filing Online Transfer Claim”, the following screen would appear:


To know the eligibility of the member to file an online transfer claim, the member should enter the details of his previous PF Account number and present PF Account number and click on “Check eligibility”.

If the member is eligible to file an online claim, then he should be registered on the Member Portal to proceed further. In case he is already registered on the Member Portal, he can click on the “Click here to log-in” link available on the eligibility result screen.

Alternatively, he can click on “Click here to register on Member Portal”. The Process flow for the registration on Member Portal has been detailed in the link “Process Flow for registration on Member Portal” under “Detailed Instructions”.
If the member is already registered, he can directly click the link “Click here to log-in to
file Online Transfer Claim Application”.


The member has to log-in by selecting Document type, entering Document No. and Mobile No. The log-in details for this portal are same as are used in Member Portal by the members.


On the menu bar, place cursor on CLAIM. Following options will appear.
(i) Request for Transfer of Account
(ii) View status of Transfer Claim
Click on “Request for Transfer of account” to file online Transfer Claim. The following form
will appear for entering the details of the member:


Please fill up the details in Part A and scroll down to Part B pertaining to previous PF account.

Please fill up the PF Account no. and click on “click here to get Details”.
The details as regards the Name of the establishment, Address of the establishment, PF account held by EPFO office and Member’s Name would appear on the screen. Further, Date of joining, Date of leaving, Father’s/ Spouse’s name and Relationship would appear, if available in EPFO database. The member needs to mandatory fill up the Date of Birth and other details, if not available. On scrolling down, the Part C of the application pertaining to present PF Account.

On entering the PF account no. of the present PF Account and clicking the “Click here to get details” the Name of the establishment, Address of the establishment, PF Account held by EPFO office and Member’s Name would get populated. Other details i.e. Father’s/ Spouse’s name and Relationship and Date of Joining the fund under present PF Account no. would appear, if available. The member needs to mandatory fill up other details, if not available. The member will have an option to get the claim attested through the previous employer or present employer.


The application form is completely filled up and the member can go through the completed application by clicking on the “Preview” button.

Please type the characters shown in the text box and click on “GET PIN”. The member has to agree to the declaration mentioned in the form by clicking the select button “I Agree”.

The PIN received on the registered mobile is to be entered and thereafter the online claim
the application can be submitted.

Why and when to transfer EPF account?

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is one of the best ways of savings in India for all people working in Government, Public or Private Sector Organization EPF system recognizes an employee through his employer. So, when you join a company you are given an account number that’s linked to your employer’s account. But it doesn’t have a way of tracking you when you move jobs. So when you change your job you need to transfer your EPF account from one employer to the new Employer.

We hope this Information helps you to Clear all your Doubts about Online Transfer Claim Portal related Issue.