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The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) Scheme

The Employee Provident Fund Scheme of India has established in 1952 after Independence by replacing the Employee Provident Fund Ordinance, 1951 scheme.

EPF Scheme has basically Three Bodies the Government, Employers, and Employees. The Board is assisted by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) which falls under the Ministry of Labour and Employment Department of India.

What are the Benefits of EPF?

  • Retirement Plan– At the Time of Retirement Employee gets the Amount Which he/she Saved During his Entire Job Life.
  • Tax-free earnings: The Money that is Deposited in your PF Account Every Month get the Interest Decided by Government and that PF Amount is Tax-Free. Employee Don’t Need to Pay any Tax for their PF Earnings.
  • Pension: Along with provident funds, an employer also contributes towards an employee’s pension fund in his/her PF Account. which the employee can eventually use upon retirement.
  • Emergencies Condition– The funds are also useful in times of emergencies to meet certain requirements for which premature withdrawals are allowed in certain cases.
  • Help When Loss of income – If an employee for some reason cannot work any longer, these funds help tide over the loss of income.
  • Long-term savings option: EPF is Good Option for a Long-term Saving Goals and also Tax-free.

EPFO Login

EPFO employer login offers various information’s about UAN Login and Registration and employee registration process on its official portal. An EPF (Employee Provident Fund) is specially designed to provide financial security for the employees.

Epfo Login Portal

Employees of any Organisation can select the employee provident fund registration either online or offline. Actually Offline process of EPF registration process is lengthy and time-consuming. It will take much time and put many efforts into the registration process. The online registration process gives facility for the employees of registration at Employee Provident fund organization login portal.

Instead of Offline, we would highly suggest you choose the Online process for EPFO Login and registration. In the Online process of EPFO Login, an employee needs to download a registration form from the official website of EPFO. Some of the documents are required at the time of the registration process, so the workers need to keep it as safe.

EPFO Schemes

There are 3 Different Schemes includes in EPF organization. They are as follows:

  • EPF – Employees Provident Fund scheme
  • EPS – Employee Pension Scheme
  • EDLIS – Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Schemes

An EPS (Employee Pension Scheme) is one of the most important schemes for the employees and employees of Private organizations. The Employee provident fund organization scheme started under Ministry of the employment and labor, Government of India. The major goal of the Employee Provident Fund scheme to give strengthens and support to the employee in the private and industries establishments.

AN EPS is the Employee Pension Scheme. In this scheme, Employee gets pension amount which he/she has contributed at the end of every month after the retirement. It’s contributed by the government. EDLIS is Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme which gives different benefits related to some insurance to their employees.

How to Login at EPFO?

The given steps will help you with the epfo login process.

  • First You need to fill out the registration form available at the official epf portal.
  • Before submitting the form check all the details to get a PIN number to your mobile
  • Now submit your form at epf with required documents and after a few days you can able to open your account at epf member portal.
  • After submitting all your details you will get your authorized PIN
  • Whether you enter your authorized PIN, you will register successfully with the EPFO portal
  • EPFO lets you connect your KYC details like Bank Account, PAN Card, eaadhar Card etc.

The Employee Provident Fund Organization offers online services through the epfo unified portal to a member. The PF account transfer service is available for the employee and the employee must read the guidelines before applying the PF account transfer claims. The EPFO has offered the various online facilities like the registration establishment, filling of the monthly returns integrated with the online payment of the contribution and the charges. Once you Login You can also apply for UAN Number.

EPFO Services for Employers

  • Establishment registration and activation for an epfo code.
  • Download the Employees UAN Numbers list from epfo service portal
  • ECR portal 2.0 Challan Upload and make payment via EPF eSEWA Feature.
  • Upload digital signature certificates.
  • Upload EKYC Documents of employees in their EPF Account and Link Various ID Cards.
  • Confirm Previous employment of the employee

EPFO Services for employees

  • An employee can Generate UAN Number and Download UAN Card with ePassbook to cross-check Employers Contribution every month.
  • An employee can lodge EPF related Complaints at EPFiGMS for better assistance.
  • An employee can Update their KYC details in their EPF Account.
  • An employee can withdraw their PF Balance Online by EPFO Login Portal.

EPFO Login Instructions:

In order to Login to EPFO Portal Follow this simple Instruction in your Mind:

  • First Know your UAN Number, When You are a Registered member at EPFO then you can log in to Employee provident fund organization member portal.
  • You can register yourself by using the PAN Card. Enter your PAN Number and Hit Submit Button to get PIN Number.
  • After submitting all your details you will get your PIN number. Now Enter that PIN to a given page and then you can able to Login at EPFO Portal.
  • You can follow these above steps to log in the Employee provident fund by entering your particular details like document number, mobile number, and document type.

Epfo unified Portal Login

The Employee Provident Fund Organization offers online services through the epfo unified portal to a member. The PF account transfer service is available for the employee and the employee must read the guidelines before applying the PF account transfer claims.

The EPFO has offered the various online facilities like the registration establishment, filling of the monthly returns integrated with the online payment of the contribution and the charges. The fund transfer is one of the biggest advantages of the universal account number from the old employer to the new employer is easy without hassle free.

If you are looking for the EPFO login portal for checking PF balance, claim status and others.  The universal account member portal comes first for upgraded the epfo services such as update the member details, online claim transfer documents update, and others.

Check EPF Claim Status

Now EPFO members Portal Provides Service to check their claim status from various regional offices like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad etc.

At EPFO Portal You can check the EPF claim status online & Your EPF Balance by following Some Simple steps if you are a member, subscriber or pensioner. People who have submitted a claim at any of the EPFO offices in India can use this service to check the status of their EPF applications Easily. To Check EPF Claim Status the Only requirement is An applicant simply needs to know his/her PF account number.

Steps to Check EPF Claim Status for Employees

Now Follow this Simple Steps to Check your EPF Claim Status If you are an Employee.

  • First Open Official EPFO Portal
  • You can see In the Home Page of EPF Portal Click on ‘For Employees’ under the ‘Our Services’ section.

EPFO Claim Status

  • Then Click on ‘Know Your Claim Status’ under the ‘Services’ section.

EPFO Claim Status

  • On the next step, You need to click on ‘Click Here for Knowing the Claim Status’.

EPFO Claim Status

  • Now, you have to select the state of PF office in which your PF Account has Opened.

EPFO Claim Status

  • After Selection PF Office, you have to select the PF Office state.

EPFO Claim Status

  • Select the EPF office where the claim is to be settled from a drop-down menu. (This Selected City will be Listed in your Monthly Payment Receipt)
  • Once you have selected the office, the Office Code and Region Code sections will get filled automatically.
  • Now You need to type in the establishment code of your employer in the 3rd box. This code contains 7 digits, Max.
  • If there is an extension or sub-code for the establishment code, you need to fill it in the 4th box. If there is no extension or sub-code, you can leave the field blank. (Generally it’ Zero)
  • Next, fill in your account number which is a maximum of 7 digits long in the Last box.
  • After Filling all the details click on submit Button.
  • After Hitting Enter You can able to see your EPF claim status.

Advantages of online EPF claim status

  • EPF Claim Status allows you to view the Your claim status online and without visiting any EPFO office.
  • You can also check the PF balance if online EPF has been activated by activating UAN Number.
  • The Procedure is very Simple.
  • The status is updated as and when an action takes place.

Check PF transaction status on EPF Application

You can download the Official mobile application from the EPFO website to check the EPF Claim Status and other features of EPF Portal of your last transaction, using your pensioner or member account.

Check Transfer claim status

When You Leave one Organization and Join another, you would have to request for the transfer of the PF amount. In such a scenario, you can visit the member’s portal and check the status of your transfer claim. You would be required to enter your membership number, ID document, and mobile number. Then you can log in to your account for checking the status of the transfer easily.

Get SMS alerts on EPF Claim approval

In order to Get SMS Alert, You have to Link your Mobile number to EPF Account, you can use the SMS facility to check if your withdrawal, pension, or transfer claim has moved to the approved status. You will receive SMS in Following Cases:

  • When the claim form has been received by the EPFO.
  • When the claim has been approved and the corresponding amount has been moved to the bank account linked to the member.

Know EPF Balance

  • In the First Step Go to Official EPFO Portal.
  • Select ‘For Employees’ Section in ‘Our Services’.
  • And select the EPFO office and enter the PF account number.
  • Now, Enter the Name and mobile number when you register in EPFO office.
  • Then click on submit and get balance details.

Get EPFO balance Enquiry by SMS

To get SMS Alert, You have to Use your UAN Registered Mobile Number.

  • The Member has to send EPFOHO ACT, <<12 digit UAN number>>, <<22 digit Member ID>> from his mobile at 7738299899 

EPFO Balance Withdrawal process

Provident Fund (PF) can be withdrawn after a period of 2 months of resignation. In the case of an emergency, the withdrawal can be done before this time period also. And certain withdrawal procedure stated by the Government of India as follows.

Steps to follow for EPF Withdrawal

  • First Employees need to login to the EPF Portal site and need to download Form 19.
  • Fill in the complete details with the Provident Fund Account Number, Employee Code, and the Company details.
  • After that Employee has to attach necessary documents. These may call for resignation letter, clearance letter, experience certificate and bank details in that particular company.
  • After Filling all the Forms Submitted all related Documents at EPFO office. (Employees Provident Fund Organization).
  • On submitting the form with documents, the inquiry takes place for verification of documents within a few days.
  • Finally, the balance gets transferred to the bank account after a period of 8-11 weeks.

Latest EPF Withdrawal Rules

According to New Information The Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India, has made a few amendments to the EPFO Scheme, 1952 on 10th February 2016. Those Amendments are as follows.

  1. Retirement Age is increased from 55 to 58.
  2. Employee Can’t Withdraw Full EPF balance before the Retirement Age.
  3. Partial withdrawal of EPF amount on Resignation.
  4. Continuity of EPF membership.
  5. Increase in Age limit to withdraw 90% of PF balance.
  • Retirement Age 
    • Earlier the Retirement Age was 55 but in Latest Amendment it was made 58.
  • EPF Membership Continuity
    • Old Rule says that If Employee Withdraw his/her Full OF Balance than his/her Membership or EPF Account will be TERMINATED.
    • New Rule Says that An employee can only withdraw his/her share after leaving the job. An employee cannot withdraw full EPF amount before attaining the retirement age. So, His/Her EPF Account Will not Liable to Termination.
  • Full EPF balance Withdrawal
    • Old Rule says that Employee can Withdraw full PF Balance if He/She is Unemployed for more than 2 Months.
    • New Rule Says that The EPF members cannot withdraw full PF amount before attaining the age of retirement. You can only withdraw your contributions + interest portion.

Steps to Withdraw PF Amount

Note: – If you are Currently Working in an Organization then EPFO won’t allow to Withdraw your PF Account, But there are some Acceptions or in some Emergency Situation when you can withdraw your PF Money.

There are Basically 2 ways to withdraw PF Savings

  • PF Withdrawal Using UAN Number
  • PF withdrawal Directly at PF Office.

PF Withdrawal By UAN Number

PF Withdrawal Using UAN Number is Easy and Fast because UAN has changed all the EPF Process and make it Centralize. It also Consumes Less time Because you Don’t Need to Go to your Previous Employer for the withdrawal process. If you have your UAN Number then You can Directly Apply for PF Withdrawal Online Using UAN Number. Simply Log in with your UAN Number and there you can find some forms to fill up.

PF Withdrawal at PF Office

In this Method, You Need to Fill up one PF withdrawal form 19 and submit it directly to the Regional Provident Fund Office. This procedure requires identity attestation since the PF office would want to be sure whether the right person is applying for withdrawal. So for the Identity verification Purpose, withdrawal form needs to be attested by one of the following listed authorities decided by EPFO

  • Any Bank Manager
  • A Gazetted Officer
  • Magistrate/ Post/ Sub Post Master/ President of Village Panchayat/ Notary Public

EPF Withdrawal Using Form

In this Method for PF Withdrawal, you don’t need any kind of Employer’s Help. You only need to Provide your Aadhar Number at UAN Portal.

  • In the First Step Link your an Adhaar number to UAN Portal.
  • After that authenticated your Aadhar Number by the Employer.
  • Then Download the New EPF withdrawal form.
  • Fill up the new EPF withdrawal form with correct details and submit it directly to the regional PF office.

By Using this Method you can get your PF Saving Money within a week (Approximation). If you feel that EPF Officers are not giving you proper answer or not helping you in any EPF related process then You can lodge EPF Complaints at EPFiGMS Portal or you can take help of EPF eSEWA Feature too.

EPF Withdrawal Using Old Form

In this Method first Download Form 19 from EPFO Portal. Fill up the form with Correct Information and then Submit the Form to PF Office for further Process.

Universal Account Number (UAN Number)

UAN – Universal/Unique Account Number

UAN is Issued by EPFO to it’s all the Members. UAN Number is given for Better Management of EPFO Fund. It is a unique 12-digit number assigned to an employee by EPFO India. UAN is generated for each PF account holders by the Employee Provident Fund Organization.

UAN Register and Activate Process

After Getting UAN Number You have to Register and Activate Your UAN Number at UAN Member Portal.

Know UAN Number

To know Your UAN Number Follow Given steps.

  • Go to the UAN Service Portal.
  • Select UAN Member Portal.
  • Now Enter All the Details Listed like Member ID, Aadhar/PAN Number, Name, Date Of Birth, Mobile Number and Email ID.
  • Get Authorization PIN And Press Enter.
  • Enter the Authorization PIN in Next Page and You can Able to Check your UAN Status, Whether it’s Generated or Not.

Now If Your UAN Number has Generated then You need to Activate your UAN Number. To do that Follow UAN Activation Process given Below.

Activate UAN Number

  • To Activate UAN Number First Go to UAN Activation Portal.
  • Ther You can See Given Page of Universal Account Number Portal. In that Page Click On “UAN MEMBER PORTAL” Written on the Right Bottom.
  • After that, You will Redirect to Given Page. In that Click on “ACTIVATE UAN” Under IMPORTANT LINK Section.

UAN Activation

  • Now in that Page Fill up All the DATA Like
    • UAN Number
    • Enter Member ID
    • Select State and Office
    • Aadhar or PAN Number
    • Name
    • Mobile Number
    • Email ID etc.
  • After Filling All the Details Enter Captcha and Click on Get Authorization Pin.
  • Now Enter that PIN in Given BOX and Press Enter.

Your UAN has Activated now. You can access your UAN details by logging on to the UAN member portal website. But before that, an employee needs to activate his/her UAN to access his/her UAN details.

Complete UAN Activation Process

Once your employer generates your UAN number then you have to Activate your UAN Number at EPFO Portal. To activate UAN Number Follow this Simple Process:

  • In the First Step Visit the EPFO website and click on the “Activate your UAN” Hyperlink.
  • After that, It will redirect to the UAN activation page where you need to fill in your UAN number, mobile number, and Member ID (Given By the Employer)
  • Now Click on “Get Pin” option you will receive an activation PIN on the registered mobile number (For Verification)
  • After that, You need to enter the PIN number in the given field and click submit.
  • Next, generate your UAN login password and complete the process.

UAN Login

After UAN Registration when you Login to Your UAN Account You can able to Edit Following Details.

  • You can Download UAN card which (Includes your UAN Number) and passbook.
  • You can View PF linking status and list all member IDs. (Old Employers and Old Funds)
  • You can View EPF transfer claim status, EPFO file transfer claim and system generated transfer claim status.
  • You can also Edit personal details including mobile number, email id, and Aadhar Card.
  • You can Update KYC information and also KYC documents in your UAN Login Dashboard.
  • You Can Download your UAN Passbook to check your PF Balance every month and can cross check whether your employer is contributing his amount or not.

About EPF e-Passbook

EPF Scheme is Introduced by the Government of India to Save a Money Every Month by an Employee who is Doing the job. In this Scheme, An Employee and Employer both Contributed the Same Amount of Money.

EPF has also Provided e-Passbook Facility to Check the EPF Balance of an Employee which is Credited in their EPF Account. The EPF account holders can easily check their EPF account statement online through the online passbook facility. Through the EPF e-Passbook, one can easily get all the details of your EPF balance and you can check the status at all times.

To Do this First You need to have one EPF Account, After that, You have been Given one UAN Number for all your EPF Account (In case if you have Changed Multiple Organization). Then You have to Activate your UAN Number to Check your EPFO Claim Status Online.

Generate EPF e-Passbook online

The process to generate your EPF Passbook Online is Easy. Follow the Simple Steps.

To Access UAN Passbook Go to http://www.epfindia.gov.in >> FOR EMPLOYEE >> MEMBER PASSBOOK

  • In the First Step Go to the OFFICIAL EPFO Portal Website which is http://www.epfindia.gov.in Here Click on “FOR EMPLOYEE” Under the “OUR SERVICE” Section.

EPF Passbook

  • In the Next Page Click on the “MEMBER PASSBOOK” Tab Given Under “SERVICES” Section. 

EPF Passbook

  • Now You have to Enter the UAN Credential to Login to Your UAN Account.

EPF Passbook

  • After Login You can See your Passbook Status and the Entries (After Clicking on MRN ID) in the Passbook with Total Amount, Employer Contribution, Your Monthly Contribution and other Details like Member ID, Establishment ID, Office Name, Employer and Employee Share etc.

NOTE – The EPF e-Passbook is available to those whose employer has uploaded the e-Challan and return at before deadlines.

Benefits of UAN Number

  • Each employee will be issued only one UAN number for Multiple PF Account in case if Employee Switch New Jobs.
  • Allows an employee to view PF status, download passbook and form, and file EPF claims
  • All EPF accounts will be linked to a single UAN
  • Change of jobs does not affect the UAN status
  • Option to avail accumulated funds without employer attestation
  • Provides loan facility
  • Users can subscribe to SMS notifications
  • UAN Also Beneficial in Employee Pension Scheme, Medical Emergency, Any Kind of Personal Loan.
  • An employee will also get some Insurence Benefits.
  • An employee can easily transfer and withdraw the PF amount online without any hassles.